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CKO Sprint_ Athlete Profiles Ydris Hunter.png

Name: Ydris Hunter

Age: 21
Discipline: Men's Canoe
Home Club: False Creek Racing Canoe Club

Current Club: Rideau Canoe Club
Years on Ontario Team: 1

Words I live by: Real Gs move in silences... like lasagna - Lil Wayne
Reason I love paddling: We're all fighting demons. Mine can't swim.
A goal that drives me: To be the best version of myself
Favourite Canoe/Kayak Legend: Maksim Opalev
Favourite Race Memory: Dunking on Coach Reid after winning the Nationals Burgee

Favourite Instagram Follow: @ludwig_stylish_sphynx
Hidden Talent? Can watch the entire Chris Bumstead 2021 Olympics winning speech without crying
What is one thing on your bucket list? Learn how to swim

CKO Sprint Athlete Profiles - Janina Winnicki.png

Name: Janina Winnicki
Age: 18
Discipline: Women's Canoe
Home Club: Rideau Canoe Club
Years on Ontario Team: 4

Words I live by: Comparison is the thief of joy
Reason I love paddling: It’s a unique sport and I love being outside on the water!
A goal that drives me: Paddling for Canada at u23 worlds
Favourite Canoe/Kayak Legend: Marek Lbik
Favourite Race Memory: Open mixed war canoe at 2022 nationals

Favourite Instagram Follow: @ludwina_the_lobster
Hidden Talent? Dog whisperer
What is one thing on your bucket list? Paddle in every continent

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