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The ‘Athlete to Coach’ Pathway: Insights from KC Dalton

Wednesday, March 8th 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET

Join Rob Stott and Courtney Stott on International Women’s Day for a live conversation with KC Dalton. We will be discussing KC's journey into coaching and what coaches and athletes can learn from her experiences.


KC was a member of the Sprint National Team for 6 years and competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in the K2 and K4 500m events. In 2017 KC made her Head Coach debut at the South Niagara Canoe Club, and has recently rejoined the National Team as an Assistant Coach working in the Atlantic Centre. 


The Athlete to Coach Pathway

KC Dalton

Coaching the Whole Athlete

Bill Trayling

Fuelling for High Performance

Sydney Lougheed

Community Outreach

Lois Betteridge

How to Optimize Sleep & Recovery

Melissa Lacroix

Canoe Kayak Biomechanics

Will George

Road to Beijing

Chris Mehak & Brady Reardon

Mental Performance

Jason Boivin

Periodization & LTAD

Vern Gambetta

Start Clinic

Mark de Jonge

Performance Excellence Evolved

Jason Boivin

Paddling Career & Canoe Technique

Steve Giles

Strength Training and Recovery

Kevin Iwasa-Madge

Sport Physiology

Melissa Lacroix

Polarized Training​

Dr Stephen Seiler

Working with LGBTQ+ Athletes & Coaches

Leading the Way

Ecological Skill Acquisition

Dr. Rob Gray

Harnessing Team Culture

Maureen Monte

Podium Pathway

Cheyanne Farquharson

Foundations of Nutrition for Performance

Kevin Iwasa-Madge

Tokyo Q&A

A. Bray-Lougheed, M. Schmidt, ​A. Nelson

Nordic Ski Technique Q&A

Bill Trayling

Athlete Development Research Project

Chris Tabri

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